We envision a world where every human recognizes their unique and inherent gifts to the community and is equipped with the freedom, confidence, and means to contribute to individual and collective liberation.


Little Engine Project is inspired by the story of a train filled with toys and gifts for little boys and girls that breaks down before reaching the children. After asking several passing trains for help, a little blue train agrees to assist the steam engine over a mountain. Even though she is small, the blue train tries her best to bring the toys to the children on the other side “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” Ultimately both trains make it over the mountain, declaring, “I thought I could!”

“Where there is a desire for healing and awakening, justice becomes the cry of the soul”

W H A T  W E  D O ?

We work with leaders, healers, spiritual practitioners, organizations, and corporations but only those who are especially committed to the journey to courageous awakening.

We collaborate and advise on innovative, ancestral, and deeply impactful projects.

Our offerings include: communications and storytelling, influencer engagement, brand strategy and partnerships, experiential, and philanthropic advising.  

As our world shifts consciousness collectively, and as we metamorphose individually, every human and organization composed of humans will inevitably reach a turning point in their journey where they find themselves in constant search of something. They may be in search of their purpose, an answer, a new direction(a rebirth), hope, guidance– this insatiable search is ultimately a deep desire to reconnect with the soul. Each of us incarnated with an inner compass and inherent gifts most notably accessed through spirituality. What we have found to be revolutionary like love, soothing like a balm, and communal like the essence of we– is reconnecting to our ancestors. Inside each of us lies innate ancestral wisdom that can guide us, our families, and our communities through this courageous awakening.