Monthly Archives: August 2017


“May your project be well fueled and far reaching.”   Words received via email from a soul I have not physically met. I will take these words with me on this journey today and forever. These words pierced me in the most refreshing way, in the pit of my solar plexus I felt this as…


8.11 “Home is wherever I am” -Thomas Burroughs Sitting in my car in the parking lot of the center and I feel so uncomfortable. Thomas Burroughs called at just the right time and reminded me that Home is wherever I am. Home does not exist outside of me. I am home. Wherever I go. I am…

Note to Self 8.7

8.7 STAY FOCUSED It’s going to get uncomfortable. There will be uncertainty. You got this. Don’t doubt what you know to be because it seems unachievable or because you are uncertain. In a moment of uncertainty– pray, meditate, get on a yoga mat, read this!!! But don’t fret, don’t deny, don’t doubt. Again. You. Got….