God’s Beautiful One. Me.

I haven’t written in a while, besides life’ing I realize that I was internally bothered by a comment someone left on my last post. I did not go back to reread as I write this, so my response is only my interpretation. I do not know the person. They appeared to have shown up on my page to let me know that I cannot serve God and man. While they thought my post was a great read, I lost them by mentioning astrology. That’s fine, right? To each his/her own, I would love to say that I’ve evolved enough not to allow someone’s opinion to throw me off course, but it’s not that black and white for me honestly. Perhaps I have cared a bit too much about how others perceive me, and perhaps I have tried too hard not to allow myself to be boxed in by the opinions of others. My evolution is not finite, sometimes I still care, and most times I still want to control the narrative (is it my Libra rising eh?). As I pray that my territory continues to be enlarged, and as I continue to walk into the destiny that I have come to Earth to fulfill I am beginning to be so settled and content with my unique truth even if it offends AND when it is not well received by others.

I’ve struggled for the entirety of my life with supernatural gifts that have historically felt more like a curse. Premonitions. Intuition. Dreams. Visits from Spirits. Constant guidance that I often find to be in direct opposition to my comfort. It’s becoming too taxing on me to keep myself on reserve in an effort to make it all make sense. It’s becoming too taxing to explain myself. It’s becoming too taxing to suppress the parts of myself that feel different. Really, it’s too taxing to struggle. period! Those who get it, get it. They are my soul family. Those that do not get it, I extend to them grace and love!

So here I am, kneeling before my altar. pouring libation for my ancestors. meditating on Psalm 112. charging my crystals under the moon. thanking Mama Marie Laveau with an offering of red roses for visiting me in a dream. I divined for myself during the full moon because sometimes the Spirit of the living God speaks to me through tarot. Last week I reached out to someone Spirit told me would be my mentor during this particular phase. We’ve never met but had an amazing conversation; it felt familiar. Because it was divine. This life I live isn’t for the faint of heart, that much I am clear. It gets too real, every illusion gets confronted, it can feel destructive, and scary as hell sometimes. I am grateful for the mentors and spiritual guides that have shown up for me on this path. I am grateful for my friends and family that get it. I am grateful for this lion heart of mine and the willingness to live a life according to divine assignment. constantly surrendering to the light.

So this Jesus loving. Crystal toting. Card pulling. Ancestor venerating. Astral traveling. Psychic Medium. Reading receiving. Number Loving. Natal chart reading. Hoodoo. Ifa. Lover. Saint. Sinner. Priestess. Is signing off. Peace.

and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of who I am. don’t bother trying to figure me out. or anyone, actually.

i love you!

*written while listening to:
H.E.R. Lord Is Coming
Nao Orbit
Snoh Aalegra I Want You Around
Lucky Ducky Misunderstood
Solange Beltway

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