thou shall cherish life…

Cherish life not in a significant way, as in don’t take life too serious no one will come out alive. Cherish life like have fun, get messy, make mistakes, do the things that press upon your heart to do. Love big, forgive someone, forgive yourself, actually just forgive everyone for everything! Let yourself be loved, allow yourself to just be. Challenge your fears, challenge your constructs, get to the root of your pain, find someone you trust and talk to them, pay someone that is trained to listen to you talk, however you can and whenever you can, sublimate your pain. Do the thing you keep putting off. The small stuff and the grand, over-the-top dreams too. Call the one that’s been on your mind. Give your love away. Seek nothing in return. Do what you want moment to moment. Allow yourself to shine. Allow others to shine. Try something new. Say yes. Say no. Be intentional.

I dedicate this post to the late Kim Porter. Each post or tribute I read about her breaks my heart all the while filling my heart with inspiration. Across the board, Kim Porter seemed to have loved life, loved her family and allowed that love to pour over anyone who she came in contact with. I pray that her transition to the ancestral realm was joy-filled, love-filled and peace-filled. I pray for the comfort of her children, her loved ones, and anyone touched by her presence here on earth. When I hear of sudden death, I tend to find myself questioning the fragility of life. I am writing this to me, and to you. Perspective is everything and as cliche, as it sounds tomorrow is not promised. All we have is this moment. And while so much is out of our control, what we do in each moment is all on us. I love you. I love me, and on God, I love this life I get to live. No cap. 

live. more. life.