february 2019.

February, oh February. Though the month is not over yet, technically, I still feel confident in labeling it a game changer for me. This month has been overflowing with an abundance of love, nurturing, transformation, insight, emotional vulnerability, clarity, tough conversations, and a breath of fresh air in so many aspects of my life.

One thing that I know for sure is that I came into February with a lot of expectancies. I was expecting this month to be an overhaul for me, I had scheduled events that seemed to be in full support of this expectancy. I felt like I was in the wilderness and I was about to get some special visitors to affirm me and love on me. I had a reading booked at the top of the month with Imani aka thehoodhealer, she’s a psychic, clairvoyant that I have been following on Instagram for some time.  I watch her live videos and read through the breadth of knowledge and information she shares on her page from astrology sign readings, health reports based on the signs, skin care routine, herbs, elixirs, hilarious insight, and refreshingly honest commentary. I would like to believe that I am gifted in recognizing a real one when I see one and Imani is just that so when I saw she would be in Atlanta, I felt moved to book a reading with her.  My sister was coming to Atlanta to visit, I was having people over my house for the first time, like ever. I was going to see my best friend in my head Sarah Jakes Roberts for her Night In The Wild Tour at the end of the month, and I was attending the Soul Constellation at the Ahimki Center. So yes, expectancy. I was expecting to get clarity and confirmation from my reading with Imani. I was expecting to get love and nurturing from a weekend with my big sister. I was expecting to fill my home with love and celebratory vibes from the gathering at my house. I was expecting to receive a whole word from the bestie. I was expecting to confront, reveal, and complete some generational curses at the soul constellation. I got all of that and more. I am grateful for February 2019. It seems like one of those months that I’ll never forget 🙂

Here are a few takeaways:

You can’t make anyone do anything. You can’t change anyone. We can barely change ourselves. Love people exactly how they are. If how they are does not work for you that is ok, but remember it is not their problem. It is your problem. Handle accordingly. *consider it’s easy to love the God + Goddess in another, it may take more of you to love and honor the human being. ❤️

As often as you can, celebrate yourself. Allow others to celebrate you too. Be it a significant accomplishment or small make it a habit to celebrate. Toast to making it through a crappy day. Toast to a fantastic day. If you buy a house… have a house warming. If you have a baby… have a baby shower. If you get a new job..or accomplish a goal. Celebrate. Please. It makes a difference.

There must be a high level of diligence, intention, and commitment when taking care of ourselves. self-care is a thing, it should be holistic. Maybe sometimes self-care is taking a bath. Or sleeping in. Or taking a mental health day. That’s bare minimum self-care. Revolutionary self-care is scanning the bodies– mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual– where am I at this moment in all of these areas, how do I feel, what’s out of balance, what can I do everyday to feed these bodies to ensure they remain in balance, healthy, and happy. self-care may then look like working out four times a week, going to therapy bi-weekly, getting a massage, reiki, or cupping on the alternating weeks that you aren’t doing therapy. Meditating daily, sleeping with binaural beats, spending more time with people that love you, uplift you and remind you of your greatness. Carving out time for social activities, getting enough sleep for your body, crying, not crying, remembering the things you did when you felt really good and incorporating those things daily. Creating space and boundaries in your relationships. You have to be willing to go all out for you. When I scanned my bodies, I realized that I have been doing lots of work to nurture my emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies but my mental body was not getting dedicated and intentional love. So I put some things back in place to nurture myself mentally, like talk therapy. I am closing out the month with a much-needed therapy session and I can hardly wait. I also danced on the stage with Estelle when she was in town and went out to Club which I never do. It was quite a release. I had a ball. Sometimes that’s self-care too.

I wish more people were open to natal charts, numerology, conversations with the clairvoyant, venerating our ancestors. It makes me sad that somehow these things got pitted against God when in fact these are gifts to humankind from God. We spend so much time asking and praying for a purpose, for clarity, for a sign when we have an entire blueprint for our lives in the form of a natal chart. Based on your date of birth and time of birth you can learn where all the planets were when you were born and gain unmatched insight into why you incarnated, what there is for you to learn, some challenges you may face, and things that you are innately good at. My conversation with Imani was so filling. I left inspired, bright, and hopeful. Where I had been feeling stuck, I got some insight and some structure I can put in place to get things flowing again.I also received some warnings on things Spirit wanted me to know about and be mindful of.  I am open to sharing everything I learn, all the healing modalities that I have tried and those that I believe in. I am grateful that I reached a place in my relationship with the Creator that I can experience the fullness of the gifts we have been equipped with. I am thankful that this month I got a host of help— clairvoyant messages from Imani, prophesying from Sarah, guidance from my ancestors, and a whole lot of love from my friends and family.

Speaking of friends and family, I have had moments in time where I thought how foolish of me to live apart and away from my support system, the people who love me the most and would do anything for me. The truth is I am on assignment in Atlanta, and when you are on assignment, you are taken care of no matter where you end up. I have a beautiful tribe here in Atlanta and having my sister here to meet and experience it all was a magical confirmation that I am always going to be alright! We are always going to be more than good when we are on assignment, there are some things we just will not have to worry about because God already handled it for us when we said yes, before we picked up our little world and moved it to where we were called, things were already sorted out for us.

My final and perhaps most impactful takeaway… I AM SOIL! Sarah Jakes Roberts preached a whole word chillleeeee, let me tell you. My soul was set ablaze. I cannot recreate the sermon, I would not do it any justice but what I can say is that God planted some seeds on the inside of me and before they can bloom I have to allow God to uproot all the weeds that are preventing these seeds from growing. The weeds could be self-doubt, depression, anxiety, gossip, etc. but let me tell yall something I FELT THAT! Down deep in my soul. I was reminded that everything I need is already available to me. I was reminded that sometimes, most times it’s not about becoming anything, it’s not about healing anything, it’s about surrender. It’s about allowing things not meant for you to go and nurturing the gifts, vision, and passion in your heart. It’s about letting God be the gardener. It rained so much in Atlanta this month, in fact, it is raining right now. So imagine how grateful I had become for this rain when I realized that I AM SOIL.

I hope this month encouraged you. I pray that it revealed something special in you. If it didn’t, well it’s over now. Here’s to March.

love yall.

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  1. Maria Maria Sangria says:

    You are so… talented on expressing yourself, and I love your writings! I see you on a panel sharing with Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Lupita!

  2. Maria Maria Sangria says:

    You are so… talented on expressing yourself, and I love your writings! I see you on a panel sharing with Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Lupita!

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