I am constantly vacillating between wanting to live a slow and intentional life. One where I can tend to my garden, make tea in the middle of the day, and sit in my favorite chair leisurely reading a book, likely Baldwin. or maybe even writing a book. In this moment, the plane I’m on is taxiing down the runway. I’m headed to San Francisco for a meeting, I got back from New York yesterday and going to Chicago on Friday. Fast movement excites me as well. Sometimes I want a really fast paced life doing great things, traveling, working, building, going, and running sh!t. I don’t know which lifestyle will ultimately win. This morning during my meditation I felt this grand ‘ole opportunity to explore balance. I’m generally an all or nothing gal. I see the benefit, especially as of late to find the balance even in my extremes. especially in my extremes. So for now I will revel in the moments that I get to be at home. I’ll move slow. I’ll lounge. I’ll relax. I’ll water my plants, sing songs and burn Palo santo. I’ll take nice long baths and burn candles. I’ll write and I’ll read and I may even catch up on a show, who knows. I’ll sit in my favorite chair and I’ll listen to the birds chirp. I’ll open the windows and let the fresh air fill the space. And when I’m not home because I’m on the go. I’ll revel in that too. I’ll breeze through the airport, have a glass of wine, connect with people in whatever city I’ll be in. I’ll work hard and give it all I’ve got. I’ll sit in meetings and sit on boards and I’ll brainstorm ideas. I’ll take on new roles and bring ideas into fruition. I’ll exist wholeheartedly and unapologetically in both spaces. And by all means, always, I will protect my peace.

*happy new moon. may your intentions manifest with speed…or may they slowly and deeply reveal themselves to you. ❤️

*i actually wrote this on 3/7 during last months new moon, only now sharing.

*while in NYC I had a meeting at RocNation and learned that my spirit animal has a portion of his art collection on display throughout the office. This one took my breath away. It was a slow paced moment on a really fast paced day.

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