birthing sage.

“nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

4.21.19 — I looked up and the time read 11:11pm. We were well into the golden hour, mommy and baby are skin-to-skin. Baby Sage established a latch, she’s feeding. Dad is nearby. I am in awe of this work I get to do as a doula. It’s not lost on me that this is sacred work. I am so grateful that this family trusted me enough to join them on this intimate and consecrated journey. The golden hour is that first hour after birth, it’s so crucial for mom and baby to establish feeding, and bond skin-to-skin during this time. The nurses and hospital staff were especially good at staying out the way for this first hour… I am in a light reflection on the strength of the wombman. I am in awe that I was called to do this work, it takes a certain kind of soul to be present when souls are exiting and entering this realm. You cannot be in the space and not be transformed. You cannot place yourself in the space and not be willing to go through your own birthing process or death process, it’s inevitable. You will shed, you will learn, you will evolve, you will grow, you will be reborn. Sage is calm. Sage is fierce. Sage taught me the beauty of allowing. There is a season for fighting, forging, and doing. And there is a season for surrender, allowing, and being. The latter is shaping up to be a beautiful season. Xx



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  1. Tracy Dickerson aka Mama Love says:

    Reading your post took me back to the day you came into the world, such a easy, relatively pain free delivery with no epidural just the pure tears of joy your presence brought into my world!

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