Where have I been?
I have been undergoing a restructuring of my life.
Before this moment, I did not have the words to explain my present state.
Then I listened to a Sarah Sermon.
Sarah Jakes Roberts does it for me. You know this.
The sermon was titled ‘Restructuring,’ and it gave me so much context.

Over the past few months, things have been shifting for me drastically.
In August, I traveled to Lagos, Nigeria, for my Ifa initiation. I have not spoken too much on it because my limited vocabulary could not do justice explaining the vastness of such an experience. The initiation was a rebirth. To be born again is the gift. The gift is not without its share of restructuring. And that’s where I am. That’s where I’ve been.

I am cautious in using absolute words to define, explain, or color where I’m going because really truly, I do not know. I have glimpses, dreams of a way forward, but one thing I know for sure is where I am going is only defined by where I am… in each moment. So at this moment… I am happy, I am grateful, I am serene, I am aware, I am conscious, I am feeling, I am allowing, I am processing, I am working, I am restructuring, I am a frontrunner in this thing we call life. The end.

For now, of course.

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