There’s a clip floating around the internet of Oprah on the red carpet at Tyler Perry Studio opening. It’s content from Essence; the reporter asked Oprah about dreaming, she said, “do you dream?” Oprah responded, “I am living inside God’s Dream for me.”

On the day I saw this clip, at the particular time of day and headspace I was in, I felt a bit offended, honestly. I took my offense up with God, not Oprah. So you have to understand God, and I have a super tight relationship for as long as I could remember, it’s been that way. There’s reverence, absolutely without a doubt. And there’s a level of closeness, understanding, transparency, and authenticity as well, so we have real conversations and real interactions. Very real.

So when I heard the quote, I confronted God. Like “God, it’s interesting to me that Oprah is living inside your dream for her life. Oprah seems to have a great life, incredible impact, and success over the years. What a dream, God. What a beautiful dream to have for that woman. What’s up with the dreams you have for my life? Is this it? I mean, I’m not necessarily complaining I have a cool life, but if this is your dream for my life. I don’t know it kind of seems like a mediocre dream. let me know what’s up.”

That’s pretty much how my conversation with God went on that particular day. I sat on it for a few days. I had a discussion with some friends about it, I was legit bothered. God did not immediately allow me clarity on my grievance. It’s been a few weeks, I had not forgotten about it, and it was not top of mind.

I was free writing in my journal on the plane. * pause * free writing for me goes one of two ways… one I just write, no intention, goal, or idea in mind I just write whatever comes up. The second way I free write is with a question in mind. i.e., “what am I suppose to be learning from this situation?” then I write whatever comes to me. This is, in so many ways, my most significant form of therapy and the most profound way I connect with my Spirit, my God. I go back and read what I’ve written, and there’s so much clarity and peace in those words. I am clear that the writing is flowing through me sharing thoughts and insights from beyond ‘self’ that allows me to understand life and the happenings of life in grander detail.

During my in-flight free writing experience, I was granted clarity on my grievance. God is always going to clear the way and make possible whatever the desires of my heart are, so long as I believe. So long as I have faith. So long as I do the work. So long as I know that I am worthy of the desires I have. So long as my belief and my actions are aligned. So long as I live in the Spirit of gratitude at all times and in all things. In so many words, I got… It isn’t God (or anyone/anything for that matter) that’s placing limitations on your dreams, impact, or successes; it’s your belief…your conditioning.
Sitting with that…


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