scorpio szn.

If the ocean were a zodiac sign, I would say she is a Scorpio.
Scorpio energy heals.
I depleted myself a few weeks ago, not unusual.
My work travel schedule had me in Dallas back to Atlanta to Los Angeles. My personal life had me in North Georgia then Ft. Lauderdale.
All of this within 10 days. I cannot say that I’ve been taking care of myself at the level needed to sustain myself. The weather’s changing as well. I have no hair these days, so my head is always cold. It seems these were the reasons I was not feeling well, yet still, I knew intuitively that none of this was the cause of my cold, however.
My chi, my life force energy was low. My adrenal glands were overworked. My depletion showed up as extreme fatigue, irritability, in this case, meaning I was super snappy and intolerable of anything that felt like the slightest strain on my energy. I was congested– runny nose, dry cough.
I’d been taking all my vitamins and my sea moss but again vitamins, clean eating, exercise none of that is a match for a low life force. It all helps, I’m sure, but what I was dealing with was the small cost of not energetically taking care of myself.
While in Fort Lauderdale, I got to spend some time in the Atlantic Ocean.
I swam. I floated. I submerged my body. I allowed myself to be tossed by the waves. I felt my life force being restored.
I called on my ancestors, particularly my grandmother Julia Catherine Dickerson, it was her earthly birthday. She was a Scorpio.
I called on the Orisa. I welcomed them into the space into my space.
I showed gratitude towards my friends that I got to share space with.
The ocean waters heal.
Scorpio energy heals.
Upon returning to Atlanta, I knew that the new moon energy had not released all of its lessons upon me… in fact, since returning to Atlanta, things have been chaotic. Things have been uprooted. Yet, things have been so peaceful.
The only thing I am standing firm on these days is the faith and power of regeneration.
Energy is real. Sometimes we do not realize the amount of energy we exert into things, habits, and patterns that have no life.
Until we overexert ourselves…
My promise for the rest of Scorpio season is to stay aware and conscious of how I transfer energy with all living beings.
My promise is to notice the energy I exert in maintaining habits, patterns, and cycles.
My promise is not to judge myself or others. Instead, observe, take note, and choose to stay UP.
It’s really life or death. Without life force, we cease to exist.
So to the over givers, and the overthinkers, and the overachievers.
Take care of yourself. Please. Xx

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